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Bryce Hermann

Bryce Hermann

Captain / Waterman

Bryce Hermann:Bryce Hermann: Meet Bryce Hermann, Your Experienced Captain and Waterman
Blessed with a natural love for the water, Bryce Hermann is a highly skilled and licensed USCG Captain with years of experience operating both commercial and recreational vessels around the world. As the Master of Legit Sportfishing, he has been operating out of Channel Islands with a proven track record of tournament and charter success.
Bryce is passionate about sharing his expertise and knowledge of the fishing world with new and existing customers. He takes pride in his ability to match the right boat to the right situation and location, ensuring a memorable and successful fishing experience for all.
Join Bryce on a journey to explore the beauty and thrill of sport fishing. His extensive background and genuine love for the water make him the perfect guide for your next fishing adventure. Book your trip with Bryce today and experience the thrill of the catch like never before.
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